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CASE STUDY: Meet Tee from our Youth Performance Team The Urban G's

T is a member of the Urban Games & Hip Hop projects performance team and youth leadership team. She tells us about her involvement in the project.

I’m Misz Tee Begum, I am a young female, Asian rapper from Newcastle. Rapping is a major aspect of my life as I use it to express myself and my views. I enjoy it and respect the urban and hip hop culture and found that music and dance was the perfect place for me.

How/why did you get involved with Urban Games and Hp Hop?

I first got involved with urban games and hip hop in the summer of 2010. At the time I was volunteering with many other projects, and when I heard about urban games I felt as though it was the perfect project for me to get involved in. This was because the project was focused around areas such as dance and music that highly appeal to me. Not only that, but Urban Games offers a verity of activities which allowed me to meet many people from different backgrounds.

What have I done for Urban Games?

Before volunteering with urban games and hip hop, I had never performed in front of an audience; however after getting involved with the project I was given so many opportunities including giving me chances to showcase my skills in dance and rapping. On top of that it has allowed me to improve my existing skills which then allowed me to expand on my performance abilities. I have performed at many places and events such as Brathay in Cumbria and at the Urban Games and Hip Hop 2010, I’ve also made my own tracks and featured in a short movie called “I am”. Although I am a member of the Urban G’s performance team, I am also a member of the youth steering group. Being a member of the youth steering group has given me the opportunity to have a say in what decisions get made on behalf of the project.

What have you learnt from being involved in the project?

The main thing I learnt from being involved with Urban Games and Hip Hop is that “if you are passionate about something, you should go for it and not let opinions get you down”
My involvement in the project allowed me to meet new people with the same interests as myself as well as many people with different interests, it made me realise that a person doesn’t need to have the same interests as myself in order for me to get along with them.
I have gained skills in team working and communicating with people from different backgrounds. I have learnt to appreciate the opinions and views of other people.

What has the involvement in the project meant to you?

Being an Asian female there can be restriction due to culture however having involvement in the Urban Games project has meant that I have been able to commit to music projects which I am passionate about without being disrespectful to my culture. As the topic areas that I generally rap about are focused on life of young people and myself etc. Volunteering for the project has enabled me to be productive with my spare time.
The whole team and I have gained a sort of family like bond, which has enabled us to get along very well and appreciated each other.

30th June 2011

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