Youth Development

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Our youth development programmes emphasise the importance of facilitating young people to lead their own learning and actions. We seek to provide opportunities for participants to develop their TLC (teamwork, leadership & communication skills), become actively involved in leading their own projects, volunteering and citizenship activity, youth leadership and decision making.

Programme Details

Our Youth Development work includes:

  • Youth Leadership & Steering Groups
  • Volunteering projects
  • Training for youth leaders and community organisations in youth led practice
  • Establishing a youth led entrepreneurs forum
  • Supporting youth led projects

How it Works

All of our youth development programmes aim to manage the transition from ADULT LED practice, through SHARED LEADERSHIP onto YOUTH LED activity, moving towards a NATURAL COLLABORATION between young people and adults within the community. Programmes can be short term or longer term and generally have 3 phases of activity- EXPLORATION-EXPERIENCE- & EVALUATION.

The Impacts

Delivery can be adapted to the needs of the children and young people and commissioning agencies depending on need and the target group, so enabling greater learning and development outcomes from the initial engagement, consolidating learning and skills through experiential learning and taking time to reflect on skills acquired and the next steps into progression routes.

Where appropriate we're able to map learning outcomes to the relevant accreditation framework for commissioning agencies, such as Youth Achievement Awards, ASDAN & COPE. Our team are trained in the Youth Achievement Awards programme.

Solar Learning is that rare type of organisation – one that strives to innovate but also has the ability to deliver. Michael and his team are passionate about youth participation, and the process of embedding young people in decision making and policy setting are embedded through the organisation. Leon Mexter CEO of the Regional Youthwork Unit North East

As part of our Urban Games & Hip Hop project, we have supported young people to set up 3 youth leadership groups:

  • A Youth Steering Group
  • A Youth Performance Team
  • A Youth Media Team

Each of these groups has been supported to take the lead in designing, planning and leading decision making for this project. In the summer of 2010 Dave Turner our Associate Youth Consultant worked with these groups to train and facilitate their development. To learn more read the case study and report Dave produced called "The Urban Games Youth Leadership Strategy-The Dignified Coup Everyone Wanted "